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Imagine having a single appliance in your kitchen that not only microwaves but also air fries, bakes, grills, and combines these functions for speedy cooking. The TOSHIBA Air Fry Combo 5-IN-1 Microwave Oven promises just that. This review will delve into how this versatile appliance might just be the game-changer your kitchen needs.

Core Features and Benefits

5-In-1 Versatility: This microwave oven doubles as an air fryer, broiler, baker, and offers combi. functions, serving as an all-in-one kitchen solution.

Healthier Frying Option: The 3D heat circulation air fry technology reduces fat intake by cooking without added oil, ideal for making healthier versions of fried favourites like chicken nuggets and French fries.

Speedy Cooking with Combi-Modes: With a powerful output of 2100W under convection (up to 240℃) and 1000W under grill, the combi-modes combine microwave, convection, and grill functions to speed up cooking while ensuring crispy exteriors and tender interiors.

Capacity with Compact Footprint: Despite its large 26L capacity, fitting a 4lb whole roasted chicken or a 10-inch pizza, it maintains a relatively small footprint on your countertop.

Extensive Cooking Options: Features 10 Auto Menus and 9 Air Fry Menus, catering to both novices and experienced cooks.

User-Friendly Design: The oven includes a 11.3-inch removable turntable for even cooking and is designed for easy clearance and ventilation in your kitchen.

Applications in Real-Life Scenarios

Health-Conscious Families: The air fry feature is a boon for families looking to enjoy their favourite fried foods with fewer calories and less guilt.

Busy Professionals: The combi-modes and auto menus make it a time-saver for those with hectic schedules who still want to enjoy home-cooked meals.

Space-Saving Kitchens: Its multi-functionality and compact design make it ideal for smaller kitchens or for those looking to declutter their countertop space.

Cooking Enthusiasts: The variety of functions and menus open up a world of culinary possibilities, from baking pizzas to grilling steaks.


The TOSHIBA Air Fry Combo 5-IN-1 Microwave Oven stands out as a versatile, space-saving, and healthy cooking option. It’s an ideal choice for those seeking to reduce fat in their diet without compromising on taste, for busy individuals needing quick meal solutions, and for anyone with a passion for cooking but limited kitchen space. This appliance is not just a microwave; it’s a multi-functional tool that could transform your kitchen experiences.

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