Effortless Mac Screenshot Guide – Capture Your Screen

how to screenshot on mac

As a Mac user, you may need to capture your screen for different purposes. It may be to illustrate a point in a presentation, to document issues encountered on your laptop for technical support, or simply to save a moment to remember. Regardless of the motivation, taking screenshots on a Mac is a straightforward process that requires minimal effort.

Giant Arc Floor Lamps: Make Your Living Room Amazing Place

arc floor lamp types

It’s been some time since giant arc lamps settled in our living rooms and won their place of honour. But if you are still hesitating about moving this “giant” into your home, don’t worry; you will surely get used to it and love it very soon.

Green roofs cool the city. Research and practice prove it

green roof

We regularly flee the city centres every summer to escape the unbearable heat. However, the phenomenon of the so-called “heat island”, which arises in densely built-up areas, represents a real problem that, in addition to higher temperatures, also causes air pollution and less precipitation.

12 tips to save money when furnishing or renovating

upcycling furniture

Would you like to furnish a nice home, but your wallet is not overflowing with money? Does not matter. Stylish and comfortable living can be arranged even with a smaller amount. You need to know ways to save.

How to build a raised bed

Raised beds, i.e., those placed above the existing terrain, have experienced an unusual boom in recent years. And it’s no wonder – they represent a great way to grow plants more conveniently and allow you to grow fruit and vegetables in places where it would otherwise be impossible, for example, due to poor-quality soil. However, it must be established appropriately for the raised bed to fulfil its function. Let’s see how to do it together.